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Saugėlaukis eldership


Eldership center – Bariūnai village 

Larger eldership villages – Mindaugiai, Pavirčiuvė, Skilvioniai, Pošupės.

The Saugelaukis Eldership, located in the north-eastern part of the district, covers 7,066.04 hectares. The Eldership has borders with the Joniskis district of Kriukai, Satkunai, and with the Joniskis and Kepaliai Elderships.

The Eldership, with its centre in the settlement of Bariunai, unites 20 villages with a population of 1965 residents. The biggest settlements in the Eldership are considered to be the villages of Bariunai, Posupes, Mindaugiai, Skilvioniai, Pavirciuve and Saugelaukis.

The Rivers Asvine and Virciuvis wind through the territory of the Eldership. There are two elementary schools (in Bariunai and Mindaugiai), two branches of the district Municipality’s J.Avyzius public library, two village medical dispensaries, a kindergarten, a post-office, two milk purchasing units, several food stores and a garage.

Skilvioniai and Bariunai agricultural communities are involved in plant-growing and cattle-breeding activities. Bariunai has a milk production plant producing  a variety of milk products.

The Bariunai, Posupes and Mindaugiai village communities are active participants in the cultural, sports and social life of the Eldership.

The Eldership is proud of its historical and cultural heritage – the Posupės and Balkaiciai village chapels, the Melniai village cross, the St John Nepamuk cross in Puraiciai village and a unique mill in Melniai village.