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Satkūnai eldership


  Eldership center: Satkūnai village

  Larger eldership settlements: Daunoriškė, Drąsutaičiai, Plikiškiai, Satkūnai


The territory of Satkunai Eldership starts 5 km to the north of Joniskis town and covers 10,000 square km. The Eldership consists of 28 villages, with its centre at Satkunai village which was mentioned in church entries from the year 1540. 1715 residents live in the Eldership. It is cut by the Kaliningrad – Riga highway.

Satkunai park is considered to be a natural feature of local significance and the Eldership’s great natural asset: it was established next to the nobleman Komaras’ manor at the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century, covering 1.7 hectares. The Satkunai botanical reserve of 106 hectares was established in 1998 in order to preserve the varieties of ash-trees and other rare species in Satkunai forest. Even 12 species of rare plants included in the Lithuanian Red Book grow in this area. In Vaineikiai village of the Satkunai Eldership there is a “Knobby” oak, a natural phenomenon of national significance, in Drasutaiciai settlement – the  Daunoriske oak, and in the Nemeiksiai forest there is the huge Nemeiksiai Stone.

In the Eldership there is the Kalviai elementary school, in Daunorava – the Daunorava department of Joniskis secondary school No. 2, two post-office departments, three village medical dispensaries, three village branches of the Joniskis district J. Avyzius public library and a cultural centre which is located in the centre of the Eldership.

Its historical and cultural heritage makes the Eldership famous: in particular the Milvydziai village cemetery chapel, the Plikiskiai windmill, the Daunorava manor, the legendary Money Hill and Napoleon Stone. Four amateur art groups function in the Satkunai cultural centre, in Plikiskiai there is a theatre group as well, and Daunorava community is an active participant in cultural life.

The closed joint-stock company “Drasutaiciai”, the closed joint-stock company “Sidabra”, the agricultural community of Kulpiai and 200 farmers are involved in agricultural activities in the Satkunai Eldership. Also active are the agricultural communities of V. Sveikackiene, R. Abisaliene, the closed joint-stock company “Fortūna” and two individual enterprises under the name of “Jogekas”.