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Rudiskiai eldership


 Eldership center – Rudiškiai village 

 Larger settlements – Beržėnai, Jankūnai


The Eldership territory covers 5,924 hectares, on which 24 villages are located with a population of 950 residents. Rudiskiai village, the centre of the Eldership is located on the upper Musa 15 km to the south-west of Joniskis. Not far from Rudiskiai village, at the edge of Tyrelis forest there is a place called Rūdos laukas (Ore field) where iron-ore is found. It is thought that in ancient  times this place used to be rich in swamp ore. The origin of the location name Rudiskiai is derived from it.

People used to live in the Rudiškiai area from ancient times. This is confirmed by archeologists who discovered a cemetery dating from the 3rd-8th and 10th-12th centuries.

In 1770 in Rudiskiai the wooden church of St Philip and St James was built; it  was rebuilt after the fire in 1868 with the financial help of parishioners.

The Rudiskiai elementary school, a branch of the Joniskis J. Avyzius public library and  a branch of the Joniskis Museum of History and Culture, the Rudiskiai community assembly hall, a post office and a fire station are located in the Eldership.

Children’s amateur theatre plays an active part in Rudiskiai cultural life; also, there is a particularly famous folklore group called “Rudbala”. The Eldership is proud of the fact that a respected folklore specialist and book distributor Matas Slanciauskas was born in Trumpaiciai in 1850 and that a well-known priest and archeologist, Juozapas Ziogas, worked there too.

There are several enterprises in the Eldership territory – the closed joint-stock company “Laveksa”, specialising in peat digging and agglomeration; a stud farm not only breeding the Baltic Hanover breed of horses but also organising annual traditional riding competitions at the “Rasa” festival;  and the closed joint-stock company “Gatera”, specialising in wood processing.