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Kepaliai eldership


  Eldership center – Kirnaiciai village

  Larger eldership settlements – Gasciunai, Kepaliai


The Kepaliai Eldership territory, located in the south-eastern part of the Joniskis district, covers 8,874 hectares of land. There are 27 villages with a population of 2,058 residents. There are forests at Kepaliai, Ignotas and Puslovis covering 275 hectares of land. Rivers are the Asvine, Kiriena, Naga and Audruve. Kirnaiciai village is the centre of the Eldership. Medical dispensaries, libraries and schools are established in the bigger Eldership settlements – Gasciunai, Kepaliai and Kirnaiciai. Gasciunai has a post office, Kepaliai a fire station and in Kirnaiciai there is a cultural centre responsible for cultural activities.

The Eldership residents play an active role in public society life. There are two village communities – the Kirnaicai village community and the Kepaliai village community “Asvinė”.

The Eldership is proud of its Kirnaiciai cultural centre activities. It boasts 6 artistic amateur groups, and especially great attention is paid to the development of children’s artistic skills. The Gasciunai school’s extra-curricular activities in the spheres of culture and sport are no less remarkable. The Gasciunai school amateur theatre group is particularly well-known. The children also participate in school activities: they belong to three children’s theatre groups – “Theatre English”, “We dance and act” and a group of senior students.

The Eldership is proud of the famous people of culture who were born in this territory. The most outstanding people were a writer, Jonas Avyzius, born in Medginai village, and an opera singer, Danute Stankaityte, born in Byvainiai village, who emigrated to Chicago where she became famous. There are three enterprises located in the Eldership – a closed joint-stock company “Atokaita”, producing monuments, memorial tablets and providing cargo transport services, the Zenonas Zarys individual enterprise, manufacturing monuments, gravestones, fences, window sills and stairs, and the Valerija Kazimieraitiene trade enterprise involved in meat processing activities like smoked meat production and sales.